Are you accepting new clients? 

  • We accept only clients living in the City of Vancouver, and are currently accepting clients born 2015 or later, as spaces become available. Please email or phone us to find out more! 

Are you trained in the Early Start Denver Model? 

  • Formal certification in the Early Start Denver Model is a significant undertaking, and our team members are at different stages in the process. Kate, Patty and Wendy are certified Early Start Denver Model Therapists, and David, Emily, Andrea, and Shelby have  successfully completed the Advanced Workshop and are working through certification requirements. ​

Will you hire behaviour interventionists to work with our child? 

  • We will help you to hire private Behaviour Interventionists from our Nurture Network that are a good fit for your family. Our services include extensive work hiring, training, and supervising our Nurture Network BIs. 

Can you help us with behaviour challenges? 

  • Yes! We work with children and families in many domains of development including communication, play, motor develoment, behaviour, self-help, eating, and sleeping.

I already have a behaviour team in place. Will you provide separate SLP or OT services for my child's team? 

  • We do not provide standalone SLP or OT services to families who are working with an existing behaviour team. 

How do we pay for your services? 

  • Most of our families receive funding through the Ministry of Children and Family Development (Autism Funding or At Home Program), charities (Variety, CKNW Orphan's Fund, President's Choice), or extended health. Families may also choose to pay privately.  

Frequently Asked Questions